While rooted in Stellenbosch, our endeavors extend across provincial, national,
and international boundaries. This provides us with the unique privilege of not
only engaging with our local community, but also experiencing the broader essence
of our nation. Committed to active participation within our community, our team consistently seeks opportunities for involvement, all while infusing an element of enjoyment into everything we do.

Some of our core values that we all work towards:
• Humility
• A desire to grow and improve
• Can-do attitude
• Creativity, Out-of-the-box
• Respect
• Teamwork
• Enthusiasm

OUT & in the community

By Design supports the efforts of the Positive Youth Development Foundation doing youth development work in Stellenbosch.
The By Design team recently joined the PYDF for a morning run in support of their #MilesForMentalHealth fundraising campaign.

You can find out more about the PYDF here: https://pydfoundation.org/
And you can find out more about the fundraising campaign here: https://www.givengain.com/cc/miles-for-mental-health/

Moto Cheapie Round 2

Stellenbosch, Western Cape - 15 July 2023
Having built upon our commitment to innovation and daring endeavors, we’re thrilled to announce that we once again undertook the challenge. Our dynamic stabilization team, renowned for their creative thinking, made the decision to exchange grout pumps for a motorbike, all while upholding the principle of “Keep it Cheap!” Inspired by the success of the previous year, the By Design team eagerly embraced the call from Moto Cheapie’s co-founder, Andrew Liebenberg, launching themselves into the rigorous 4-hour endurance race once more. Unfortunately Team Stoffel was not able to finish the race due to mechanical issues, but managed to stay in the race for just over 3,5 hours. Well done guys!

Moto Cheapie Round 2

Stellenbosch, Western Cape - 22 June 2022
Embracing innovation, our stabilization team opted for a unique approach, trading grout pumps for a motorbike, all while embracing the motto of “Keep it Cheap!” The By Design team enthusiastically accepted a challenge from Moto Cheapie’s co-founder, Andrew Liebenberg, propelling them into the demanding 4-hour endurance race. Impressively, Team Stoffel, our building stabilization division, persevered throughout the race, securing a commendable 9th position overall and an impressive 3rd position within their designated category. Well done guys!

Imagine Challenge 2022, I Love Boobies Charity

Stellenbosch, Western Cape - October 2022
When we first heard about the Imagine Challenge, we knew we had to get involved. The I Love Boobies Charity Imagine Challenge 2022 was a month long virtual marathon that helped raise awareness for breast cancer. Each participant had a month to attempt to complete one of the challenges:

  1. 42.2 km Running/Walking/Hiking
  2. 500 km of Cycling
  3. 10 km of Swimming
  4. 24 hours of Gym/CrossFit/Yoga

The purpose of the challenge was to make a difference by raising funding, and awareness through the love of fitness. We the got further involved by becoming one of the sponsors. What a great opportunity to be able to be involved with a charity that does such great work for the breast cancer community.

Winelands Built Environment Professionals Group end of year event

Stellenbosch, Western Cape - 30 November 2022
Last week our team had the pleasure of attending the Winelands Built Environment Professionals Group end of year event. We were able to show more of what we do and who we are and connect with great professionals

Thanks to Winelands Built Environment Professionals Group, Association of South African Quantity Surveyors and Lizette Swanevelder.
We look forward to this event every year!

OUT & in town

OUT & team shenanigans